About Us

Irrigation Johannesburg

Our Irrigation Company is a family owned business committed to utilizing products that enhance water conservation and energy efficiency in our obligation to environmental responsibility – and to you as consumer, this means saving, both money and your environment.

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce our services to you and strive to ensure that your experience with our company proves only to uphold and strengthen the reputation we have worked so hard to build.

We currently have multiple means available to service your account with prompt, professionally trained Service Technicians and are committed to keeping customer satisfaction our number one priority!

Thanks to the satisfaction of our residential and commercial customers, we bring you years of experience with irrigation and landscape modifications to suit, such as tree felling and slope management. Our many reliableirrigation services include Sprinkler System Design,

Sprinkler System Installation, Sprinkler System Maintenance, Spring Activation of System, AutumnWinterization of System and further Service Contracts built to suit all of your irrigation requirements.

We highly recommend and install commercial and residential irrigation systems known as “in ground” systems, which mean that everything is buried in the ground. With the pipes, sprinklers, emitters (drippers), and irrigation valves being hidden, it makes for a cleaner, more presentable landscape without garden hoses or other items having to be moved around manually.

Our Smart Control System is the best in the business by far. “Smart Controller” is a recent term used to describe a controller that is capable of adjusting the watering time by itself in response to current environmental conditions. The smart controller determines current conditions by means of historic weather data for the local area, a soil moisture sensor (water potential or water content), rain sensor, or in more sophisticated systems satellite feed weather station, or a combination of these.

Engage with our friendly and supportive sales staff today – planning your installation and providing expert after-sales service and maintenance is our pleasure and our privilege.

When quality and service matter, whilst saving money every day in keeping your garden or crop beautiful, turn to us for results.