We live in a busy suburban area and it’s always a concern to not make too much of a mess or cause a lot of disturbance in the neighborhood with renovations or installations. We needed to have our borehole drilled over this past summer and believe me; it’s a scary thing to have to commit to. I am so relieved to be able to say that the team doing the maintenance and repair have been nothing but amazing – from doing this in the quickest time possible, my property was left in great shape – no vehicles and machinery damaging the lawn or driveway and with surprisingly minimal noise and disturbance. They cleaned up after the job was done and the next day a supervisor came to inspect the work and find out whether we were happy with the service. Amazing! I am so grateful and will recommend them again and again.

Sergio Pappas


With a large garden, it usually takes us an entire day to get it watered properly and we were just simply tired of spending an entire Saturday or Sunday doing this. In addition, in the dryer months, it became almost every second day and I surely couldn’t cope anymore. We decided to have an irrigation system installed in conjunction with our borehole and I promise, we have not looked back. The underground system was the best recommendation ever (thanks guys) since we have some dogs that like to dig! The system is economically fantastic (we have kept an eye on our water bill and it’s not nearly as much as we spent by watering manually) and the timing settings make sure we don’t get surprise sprays when socializing in the garden. Highly recommended to any homeowner with a garden they care for – without the hassle!

Genevieve Rossouw


Thank you guys for a really hassle-free irrigation installation to our small townhouse. We even had a couple of small trees that we wanted to get rid of and were so surprised when these guys were fully able to do this for us – removing them from the path of the installation. It was quick, clean and we now have an automated irrigation system taking care f our gardenwith zero hassle. We are in complete control of the timing and I am so happy with everything. We will recommend them to anyone!

Sibongile Mhlongo